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Gayle Cobb

I have enjoyed a lifetime working with and helping others through service for my country as a young man, ministry work throughout my life, and nearly 40 years of helping people with insurance needs and solutions.

My experience in insurance has awarded me multiple perspectives - from working as an adjustor and helping people in their time of need to serving as general manager. These experiences combined with my lifetime of devotion as a senior pastor, provide me a unique insight into the challenges that life may bring while offering me the experience to help people face and overcome these challenges.

For all your insurance needs: church insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, homeowners insurance, or auto insurance, I am here to work with you for the long term.

In my personal life, my wife, Vicky, has been a blessing every step of the way. We have also enjoyed the blessings of two wonderful children and the delight of two energetic grandchildren.


  • Position : Agent
  • Email : gcobb@fortner-insurance.com
  • Phone : 417-882-5560



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